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Hand Selected Hardwood

Reclaimed Lumber

Traditional Joinery

We begin each build by inspecting, then hand-selecting the perfect pieces of wood. We then mill and process each board in house. These steps ensure each piece of wood used in our furniture is of the highest quality and processed to meet our exacting specifications.

When trees mature slowly in their natural environment, they produce stronger, denser, more-stable wood. This wood is referred to as “old growth” and it is superior to any wood harvested after the turn of the 20th century. Today, old-growth forests are protected so these trees are no longer allowed to be harvested for building materials. Therefore, we offer the option of incorporating reclaimed old growth wood into our custom designed pieces. Reclaimed wood is old growth sourced from the deconstruction of old barns, houses, and other buildings. It is a great way to incorporate the strength and character only old-growth wood can provide while protecting our planet’s resources.

Although there are many styles of joints used in furniture construction, we favor the two strongest; mortise and tenon, and dovetail joints. These styles of joinery require a skilled hand and are more labor intensive, but the outcome is a strong connection that will keep every joint and drawer together through many generations of use.

Beautiful Finishes

Applying the right finish not only enhances wood’s natural beauty in is essential to the protection and durability of the surface. Without a skilled hand applying a quality finish, wood will swell, dry, crack, and deteriorate. To help ensure our furniture stays as beautiful as the day it leaves our shop, every piece is finished with the absolute best Danish oils, the most beautiful stains, the highest-quality waxes, and the strongest polyurethanes available.

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